ZENA Healthcare offers the multi-specialty clinic and pathology laboratory services under one roof. The clinic serves the purpose of treating patients with critical diagnosis, preventive healthcare and effective medication. And, the pathology laboratory separately performs the various tests needed for diagnostic analysis. We are conveniently located in the commercial locality of Shahid Nagar, ready to serve you for your healthcare needs.

  • Obstetrics & Gynecology :

The expert Gynecologists at ZENA Healthcare, treat normal to complex issues of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Our doctors specialize in handling all conditions of women's reproductive health, including pregnant and non-pregnant state. We have a spectrum of services, which includes the treatment of all obstetrics and gynecology needs.

  • Paediatrics :

The Pediatricians at ZENA Healthcare specialize in the care and treatment of infants, children and adolescents. It includes the general pediatrics services: baby care, health screening, child care, immunizations, nutritional counselling, acute and chronic medical conditions, comprehensive check-up and related medical services.

  • Dermatology (Skin & VD) :

People suffering from acute or chronic skin conditions can visit this multi-specialty clinic and get effective treatment from our expert dermatologists. Diagnosis and treatment of dermatological conditions, such as acne, hair fall, psoriasis, warts and various issues feature in our range of services.

  • Diabetes :

We have the best diabetologists offering support, advice and treatment of various diabetic conditions. Our clinical care and consistent support help in the overall treatment of the patient, which ultimately directs them to lead a fun-filled, healthy and energetic lifestyle.

  • ENT :

You can find the Otolaryngologists or commonly known as ENT physicians here at ZENA Healthcare, treating the issues of Ears, Nose and Throat. Some of the common issues cover the areas of sinus, oral cavity, larynx, pharynx and other ENT areas. The ENT physicians analyze the medical condition of a patient and administer relevant solution for overall treatment.

  • Orthopedics :

Putting your convenience at the top, our clinic equips all advanced technologies and equipment for orthopedic analysis and treatment. The Orthopedics specialist attends various musculoskeletal problems, including that of ligaments, bones, tendons, muscles and nerves.

  • General Medicines :

ZENA Healthcare employs an excellent panel of doctors and these consultant physicians attend to the complex and chronic conditions of a patient. They give advice and treatment of various common conditions, including: recurrent infections, digestive disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and several types of acute and chronic conditions.

  • Child Psychology :

We have a team of psychotherapists, psychiatrists and psychologists offering psychological support to children, young people and families. Several conditions arising in children include: food aversion and eating difficulties, behavioural issues, lack of self-esteem, depression, anxiety, coping with medical treatments and related issues.

  • Sexology :

For sexual-related issues, our trained sexologists can conduct sessions for the intimate issues faced by the patient. The range of services includes: identification and assessment of sexual and human relational needs, couple counselling, individualized therapy, educational sessions and programs.

  • Speech Therapy :

Our specialist speech therapists focus upon treatment of patients and help them become functional communicators out in the environment. Their areas of expertise include: speech disorders, apraxia, aphasia, dysarthria, dysphagia and several related voice disorders.

  • Cardiology :

With an experienced team of cardiologists, the medical matters of the heart never goes unresolved at ZENA Healthcare. The healthcare team put together, accurately diagnoses the conditions of a patient and with the help of cardiovascular advancements treats them effectively.

  • Nutrition & Diet :

Noticing the prevailing health and nutrition conditions of people, we have a team of expert nutritionists and dietitians offering practical information about maintaining diets and patterns. Offering personal advice, practical tips and education, the nutritionists encourage development through best practices of eating and exercises.

  • Complete Blood Test :

ZENA Healthcare uses best procedures for a complete blood test to produce accurate and reliable results.

  • Fasting and PP Blood Sugar :

Patients get instructions to not consume anything except water during the said period before glucose test. The PP blood sugar test is done to measure blood glucose levels.

  • Blood Urea Concentration :

The Blood Urea Concentration test determines kidney functioning, kidney disease condition and dehydration levels.

  • Lipid Profile :

The panel of blood tests for lipid profile tells about abnormalities in the lipids. This medical screening tool identifies genetic diseases, risks for cardiovascular disease and other diseases.

  • Urine Analysis :

The urinalysis test is a part of a screening test to identify urinary tract infections, diabetes, kidney disorders, liver problems and other metabolic conditions.

  • Stool Analysis :

The stool analysis test helps diagnose conditions affecting the digestive tract, such as poor nutrient absorption, infection or cancer.

  • PAP Smear Test :

The doctors advise for PAP smear test for screening of cervical cancer. Doctors may ask for an HPV test along with that.

  • ECG (Echocardiogram) :

ZENA Healthcare has a state-of-the-art laboratory with equipments to conduct Echocardiogram.

  • Thyroid profile - FT3, FT4, TSH :

The thyroid profile tests of FT3, FT4, TSH detect the thyroid disorders in a patient. Blood tests help in diagnosis and management of these disorders.

  • Immunoassay (Antigen, Antibody, Particle Tests) :

The Patholab also conducts biochemical tests like immunoassay that measures the presence of a small or macromolecule in a solution via an antigen or antibody.

  • Cultures :

The laboratory laced with all key technologies allows conducting various types of culture tests that determines the bacterial infection.

  • TMT Test :

ZENA Healthcare has its own Treadmill equipment for conducting TMT tests of patients.

  • PFT Test :

The doctors recommend for PFT tests to find about pulmonary function and diagnose diseases associated with it.

  • X-ray :

At ZENA Healthcare, the laboratory equips itself with the advanced X-ray technology and equipment, handled by proficient Radiologists.

  • Endoscopy N Colonscopy :

At ZENA Healthcare, the laboratory equips itself with the advanced Endoscopy N Colonscopy.