Orthopaedics Clinic Bhubaneswar

The ZENA Healthcare Services houses an Orthopedic clinic in Bhubaneswar, offering high quality treatment, care and surgery services for relieving the patients from orthopedic troubles and helping them lead a healthy and cheerful life. For this purpose, our orthopedics specialists having prominent experience in this area, meticulously study the patient's condition and provide superior treatment irrespective of its complexity.

Advanced Technologies And Orthopedic Treatment:

At ZENA Healthcare Services, the Orthopedic specialists diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems, such as disorders of bones, ligaments, joints, tendons, nerves and muscles. Also, we are in the forefront with the most advanced technologies for orthopedic treatment. Our surgeons specialize in the areas of: hand surgery, shoulder surgery, joint replacement, spine disorders, fracture, foot and ankle injuries, microvascular procedures and related surgeries. As a result, there is a significant improvement in the patient's healing and rehabilitating capabilities.

Technical Excellence And High Quality Orthopedic Services:

The doctors here at ZENA Healthcare opt for minimally invasive procedures for reducing pain and speeding recovery, based on the possibilities of treating the patient. This marks the technical excellence of our Orthopedics specialists. In addition, the physician specialists with expertise in the areas of radiology, physical medicine, internal medicine and rehabilitation provide assistance in the medical surgeries. We own genuine responsibility in offering high quality orthopedic services to the patients.

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Dr. T. Suresh Kumar Gupta
Everyday 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM