Mission & Vision

To provide world-class diagnosis, healthcare and treatment of patients at an affordable price. With a commitment towards honesty, integrity and dignity, ZENA Healthcare Services demonstrates social responsibility towards patient care. We also focus on strengthening our relationships with universities, colleges, other hospitals, agencies and our community.

  • We recognise the value of each person and respect them.
  • We pledge professionalism and excellence in our service.
  • We create opportunities for personal and professional growth.


With a devotion to bring a revolution in the health sector, ZENA Healthcare Services offers multi-specialty treatment and all types of healthcare services under one roof in entire Odisha. In addition, we increase awareness and educate general public about holistic healthcare and its importance for leading a healthy life.


ZENA Healthcare Services was established by the believers of these principles, which are also the pillars of its foundation - Precision, Accuracy and Professionalism (The PAP Concept):

Precision - Delivering the highest quality diagnosis and healthcare services through dedicated efforts.

Accuracy - Being responsible for presenting accurate results of diagnosis that perfectly helps healing disease.

Professionalism - Demonstrating expertise in the comprehensive analysis of medical conditions and treating for complete wellness.

These founding principles guide the organization in spreading the importance of healthcare in India, in general and Odisha, in particular.


Trust - We are committed to provide diagnostic results which are accurate and cost effective. Doctors rely on our services.

Care - We profess the principle of Gandhiji's - "Customers are God". We treat our patients as our esteemed customers. So, patients are God for us. We value each of our customers as we value our God.

Responsibility - We accept the responsibility of all our action. We are responsible for good health.


1. Maintain strict confidentiality of patient information and test results.

2. Professionalism is our passion-Each Team member is professional and working in quick turnaround time (QTAT).

3. Transparent and truthful representation of our services, prices and other information.

4. Honesty and accuracy remains our top priority in this organization.

5. Maintain highest standards of Clinical Laboratories, Management and Healthcare.