Diabetes Clinic Bhubaneswar

With a multidisciplinary team of doctors, ZENA Healthcare Services strives for becoming one of the best healthcare centres in Odisha. Our diabetologist clinic in Bhubaneswar serves patients suffering from diabetes and endocrine conditions. Here, the patients receive expert consultation from our diabetologist along with advice, support and intensive management of diabetic conditions that helps them lead a full life with less diabetic-related complications.

Holistic Approach In Treating Diabetes:

Knowing that Diabetes lowers the momentum of a patient, we believe in providing an exclusive healthcare treatment and suggestions, tailored to suit their own lifestyle. Patients should continue taking up their interest in various activities because we think they should live a free life and enjoy as everyone does. Clinical care and ongoing support enlists in our multi-faceted approach to the patient's treatment. Further, we educate, empower and encourage the patients for pursuing the best choices of treatment.

Initial Diagnosis And Specialized Diabetes Care:

In a series of steps, we care to provide: complete assessment and screening of the Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, diagnosis, monitoring, supportive care (for pregnant women), estimating cardiovascular risk and prompt action, insulin therapy, tablets and a comprehensive range of treatments, including the recommendations of lifestyle and diet changes. We believe that informing and supporting the patient about their diabetic conditions helps them in adopting their full-fledged role in managing the disease.

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Dr. L. K. Nayak (Medicine)
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